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Jeff Biesman

CMO – VP of Marketing

Growth Strategies / E-Commerce / Digital Marketing/ Branding / P&L / Startup Analytics & Modeling / Strategic Planning / Social Media / B2B & D2C Integrated Marketing / Advertising / Demand Generation / CRM / Team Building

Since 2017, Mr. Biesman has been active as a Management Consultant working with a variety of firms including Fragrant Jewels, World Gym, Skechers, and others on digital marketing projects and operational improvement projects. Among his contributions to clients include a successful re-branding project for Fragrant Jewels and development of a new e-Commerce strategy for $4.2B Skechers that produced a 37% lift in Life Time Value (LTV) among customers.

Prior to its 2017 acquisition, Mr. Biesman was VP Marketing for $1.4B YP, a B2B marketing firm and 2nd generation descendant of The Yellow Pages. He was recruited in 2014 to build a B2B and direct sales model, foundational capabilities and business platforms. He developed the company’s first ever integrated sales & marketing campaign starting with a quantitative survey to the SMB market, delivering a branding solution; “YP, your local digital marketing experts.” Results included a 5X lift in sales performance during the test phase.

During this period, Mr. Biesman also overhauled and redesigned YP’s lead generation program. Finding lead quality unacceptable, he developed several new, high performing, permission-based lead types, one of which delivered a 192% improvement in pipeline activity and close rates, making it the best performing lead type in the company’s history.

As President & COO of Little Black Bag, a women’s fashion e-Commerce venture, Mr. Biesman led marketing, merchandising, creative development and customer service. He designed and developed the company’s influencer marketing program, delivering a new way to reach prospects and becoming the brand’s #1 source of customer acquisition. He also launched a Direct Response TV (DRTV) initiative to tell a complex brand story well-suited for digital media. This program subsequently became the company’s most efficient customer acquisition strategy.

From 2012 to early 2013, Mr. Biesman was VP of marketing and Client Services at Shoedazzle, an online fashion marketer. After the company struggled post-shutdown of its subscription business model, he developed Shoedazzle’s VIP membership program. Still in use today, the program produced a 27% increase in re-orders and an 11% jump in customer acquisition.

As SVP of Marketing for Bank of America (BofA) US Credit Card, Home Loans and Insurance divisions during 2004-2012, Mr. Biesman led customer acquisition and retention programs. He was responsible for testing/optimization and a multi-channel marketing program that included direct mail, social media email, telemarketing and customer referral programs. Among his successes was the launch of a new Cash Rewards credit card that built the BofA brand and increased new accounts by 22%.

Between 2000-2004, Mr. Biesman was Director of Marketing & Analytics at Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment after two years with The Walt Disney Company as a Brand & Product Marketing Manager. He started his career with LA Gear and Converse in marketing roles.

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